asphalt xtreme hack


Nowadays, Fortunately, we have a many games, these will help us to have a good time with our smartphones, We can even turn your phone into a NES to play classics of the era. From games shooters, passing the best Sports Games or platforms, these are just a few genres which we can enjoy today.

But for people who like strong emotions and adrenaline, racing games are the best they can play. Thanks to the power of our devices and screens that are incredible, We can be enjoyed with these games.


The popular series of racing games Asphalt He has just launched its new and highly anticipated game for mobile devices. Gameloft has officially announced the arrival of Asphalt Extreme, a game that maintains the classic approach that has always characterized, This game has as main ingredient blazing speed.

We can be sure that This version takes us to the wild side, where there are no rules or limits put us roads. To advance we will have several vehicles to the limit put our skills and driving. Can you control your nerves and your vehicle to try to be the best?


In this exciting Gameloft racing game for Android, iPhone, iPod and iPad, You will have the following characteristics:

  • 35 monstrous machines: Release your beast in a monster truck. Go full speed with a muscle car. Unleash your wild side in the circuits driving a car rally, a buggy, a pickup, SUV or truck!
  • TEACH YOUR STYLE: 8 types of unique terrain vehicles, that allow you to discover new and challenging experiences.
  • THE MOST IMPORTANT BRANDS: Predator, Dodge, Chevrolet, Jeep, Ford, Mercedes-Benz and licenses plenty of SUVs racing.
  • REAL-TIME MULTIPLAYER: Racing 8 online players all against all! It is possible that things get too complicated, so try to do my best.
  • THE WORLD IS YOUR RACETRACK: Compete in the most exotic places in the world, including the jungles of Phuket in Thailand, glaciers Svalbardel, the industrial power of the steel mills of Detroit, the dunes of the Nile Valley and more.
  • Customize your car: Would you like grease it a little? Increases the power of your car. We have an amazing collection of improvements.
  • ROAD EXPERIENCE: More of 400 Story mode events, 5 game modes, more of 600 master’s challenges, limited time events, Get ready for lots of new content!
  • EXPERIENCE WITHOUT RIVAL: You will not find a more intense graphics, or action over the limit at full speed, in any other game. Warm up the engine and start!

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