Harry Potter Wizards Unite Hack & Cheats – Unlimited Free Gold

Hi, first, we welcome you to the most confirmed working cheat tool for Harry Potter wizards unite. This one is verified working on Android as well as iOS devices. The Harry Potter wizards unite, just like Pokémon go is a free game both on Google play and app store which is location based. The game was developed by two developer teams namely WB games San Francisco and Niantic. It was first launched in New Zealand and Australia in April 2019 and May 2019 respectively. However, on June 20th of the same year 2020, the game was launched in the US and UK.


The game gives you the choice to pick between two roles – be a wizard or a witch. Everyone roams around collecting “foundables” while also fighting against the defenders of the calamity, in order to protect the secret of the wizards. In the game although, you’d definitely begin with some golds and at a very short time the whole golds might get exhausted. In this case, the best answer to this is our great Harry Potter wizards unite hack.

Since the Harry Potter was also created by the Niantic Inc who are the developer of Pokémon go, they made it feature some kind of store just like the pokedex in the Pokémon game, in this game, the store is referred to as the vault. This is where you keep your collectibles as well as other resources in the game.

Remember in your first time of signing up on the game you either sign up with your google account or with your facebook account, then you agree with the terms and condition of the game. Once you are already into the game. As you continue with the game at a time you would be offered stuff like portions, portkeys, ingredients as well as energy. The energy for instance, you begin with as much as 75 energy but as you proceed with the game, the energy continues to deplete hence, you are going to need more energy. One way to increase the energy is that you find it at each ins in the game, another way is through our harry potter wizards unite cheats for unlimited free golds. In this case you don’t have to bother when you run out of the energy.

How the Harry Potter Wizards Unite Hack Works

The cheat tool simply does all these without the risk of banning your account or even leaving any traces as you are protected with encryption in the server. Also, be rest assured that this harry potter wizards unite generator will never request for either your Facebook or your google password – as a matter of fact, you should never answer any site requesting for your password in order to get free golds for the game. Here, using our hack tool, all that is requires of you is to enter your username in the game so as to connect your account.  Then, you select the amount of wizards unite golds you desire then you run the online generator. Interestingly, the wizards unite cheat tool does not need you to download anything before usage, everything is online and works well on all devices including android, ios as well as pc.

Features of Harry Potter Wizards Unite Hack Generator

Some hardened fans, lovers and players of this game who are also developers have made this tool in other to serve as the best solution to whoever finds themselves stuck in the game unless they find their ways around which may require them to have some resources be it golds or golds. At first, these developers made it for themselves alone but after some time they decided to release it to the public.
You might have come along some self-acclaimed harry potter wizards unite hack that promise some free resource s only for them to turn out to be a waste of one’s time or effort, we categorically tell you that this is different. The following are the advantages of using our online hack:

  • Easy to use: It is very easy to use, once you successfully connect you account then you are good to go. All that remains is to select the amount of resources and run.
  • Unlimited resources: This wizards unite hack gives you the chance to get as many resources be it golds as you wish. There is no restriction to how much you can get at a time.
  • No payment or subscription required: There is no need to subscribe, register or make any payment in order to use our harry potter free gold hack
  • Encryption: It comes with an encryption to protect you. The harry potter wizard unite online generator is also built with an encryption system. This is to protect your data from people or bots which might be intending to steal your data as well as getting notice by the authorities in the game.
  • No ban: Have you been using some kind of game mod or cheats before where in the end you find your own ass getting banned? Here you are assured of no ban as everything is secured by our server.
  • Always updated: The harry potter wizard unite hack tool is always updated so you don’t need to bother about getting stuck need of resource again. You can always come back to use the tool anytime you feel you need it.
  • No need to root or jailbreak: There are a lot of wizards unites cheats including the hacks for gps. Most of these only offer some mod apk and might even require that you root your device or jailbreak. We guarantee that this harry potter wizards unite online hack does not require any of these.

How To Use the Wizards Unite Cheats

Now that you have understood how the tool works, you will want to know how to use it to your advantage. Normally it is very easy and can be used even without anyone having to explain it to you.
This is how the whole process goes:

  • Access the harry potter wizard unite hack using the any of the buttons above or the one at the beginning of the article;
  • Put in your username or e-mail linked to your game account;
  • Select the platform on which you’re playing;
  • Select your actual or any desired region;
  • Select the actual amount of golds you would like to add to your account (you can always come back anytime);

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